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    Discover the story and specifications behind today’s premium business aircraft and helicopters and let your imagination be inspired to take flight… JetBook is the world’s most comprehensive guide to the world of business aircraft and helicopters in the world today. Packed with gorgeous, full-color photography of the aircraft flying with full details and specifications from the manufacturers, this fully English edition of the book is the ultimate book for aviation industry lovers around the world. More than just a visual treat, the pages of this book reveal the details, facts, and statistics that tell the story of each craft, revealing their layout, flight range and performance, and even the latest prices. Combined with comparison charts and graphs, this book gives its readers all the information they need to know, not just about a particular model, but also how it compares to other similar models. Accompanying a full profile of each of the 55 business jets and 38 helicopters are interviews with four industry leaders. Also included are in-depth profiles of the world’s leading aircraft and helicopter manufacturers today, including Gulfstream, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier, Dassault Falcon, Société Générale, and HondaJet among others. No other guide on the marketplace can match the vision and depth of JetBook, the making of which took a full two years of dedicated research from the author and her team. JetBook is a one-of-a-kind book. Now, in this updated edition, readers can enjoy an inclusive snapshot of the business aircraft and helicopter industry as it stands today. Order JetBook: The Complete Guide to Aircraft and Helicopters today, set your sights to the sky, and soar!
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    In recent times the choice of business aircraft available to operators and users has increased considerably. A whole new category of aircraft, very light jets (VLJ) has been created while at the same time manufacturers have continued to upgrade aircraft and introduce a series of new corporate aircraft. This edition of the JetBook is published by MEDIA Tribune to give the business jet user the most comprehensive guide to business aircraft. With insightful, detailed information from business aircraft manufacturers JetBook is the essential publication for anyone that wishes to know the latest and most current data and statistics about business aircraft and Helicopters Published in Czech and English language this helpful, informative guide presents the latest information about corporate aircraft with aircraft specifications direct from the manufacturer. JetBook presents the complete portfolio of business jets and helicopters, plus a series of interviews with aviation leaders. Printed on premium matt paper the Jet book is 232 pages long and measures: 295x240mm, the book is a hard cover edition. Published and printed in 2015 in EU, Registered ISBN 978-80-260-9092-2, deposit in December 2015 in National Library of the Czech Republic.

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