Whether you’re planning a business trip or attending a reunion to spend time with your loved ones, travelling in grand style and luxury will make these trips even more memorable. Flying to a destination is an exciting adventure, especially when it is inexpensive. HighProfile is a renowned aviation business travel broker delivering exceptional business flights to fit your lifestyle. They provide exotic aircraft to take you anywhere in the world. Since its establishment in 2009, HighProfile has been providing flights to the United States, the Middle East and Africa. Its aircraft fleet is applauded across the world for compliance with aviation regulations from organizations such as the FAA. They are also commended for their long history of meeting and even exceeding client expectations on every journey.

In its quest to make every trip memorable, HighProfile has broadened its services to include leisure flights and cargo flights. With over 25,000 jets under its management, the company has continually raised the bar of business aviation standards in every aspect of business travel and managing flight logistics. With fully functional and assessable outlets in Paris, Nice and Casablanca, HighProfile collaborates with leaders in the aviation sector, including its sister company G-OPS. Its thoughtfully established and sustained partnership with G-OPS has earned the company unbeatable recognition in the industry and is seen as the forerunner of ground support services committed to providing rapid updates on its wide spectrum of flight operations — no wonder HighProfile keeps recording enormous progress and growth in expanding its investments all over the world.

“…This synergy allows a step by step follow-up of flight operations and bespoke customer service, making HighProfile an A-player in the industry…” – Karim Berrandou, CEO, HighProfile.

Being able to put together a formidable team of business aviation veterans in every aspect of its dealings, HighProfile has lived up to its expectations by bringing passengers closer to their final destination than ever before thanks to a high performance aircraft fleet enabling take off and landing on shorter runways which are unavailable to commercial airlines. HighProfile provides 100% quality assurance, and you will be treated to the best available services offered by a professional team of operational support who are adept in virtually all areas of the industry and up to date in the latest developments and innovations, providing you with maximum satisfaction and 24/7 customer support.

HighProfile’s proficiency provides unrivalled convenience and comfort that cannot be matched even by aviation giants in the commercial aviation sector. As a leader in the private business aviation sector, HighProfile is not limited at any time to a specific number of flights to your destination and provide scheduled flights to meet your programme or timeline. You can always rely on HighProfile to get you to your destination whenever you are running late with the option to wait for you on the runway to receive you when you fly — this is simply astonishing in the very least. Why not book an appointment and experience luxury and comfort at its best? You can also employ their services for family trips, weekend getaways with friends and colleagues from work, or even a romantic tour — yes, HighProfile is versatile and amazing like that! Their charter flight services are centred on your complete comfort.

“With HighProfile, travel the way you live”

These words are synonymous with the esteemed C.E.O of HighProfile, Karim Berrandou. With HighProfile at your call, you no longer need worry about layovers or catching up on the next flight to reach your destination. HighProfile will take you closer to your destination than you can imagine. You can conveniently say goodbye to the bottlenecks of finding parking for your jets, tiring and hectic luggage check-in procedures, security lines, or worse, shuttling from one terminal to another or the troubles of overbooked or delayed flights. Your luggage is in safe hands at all times, so you needn’t worry about losing your belongings. HighProfile will save every second of your time on every flight!

HighProfile offers private jets for your convenience, providing business jets for your travels with spacious cabins offering unique configurations to serve your needs, interior decorations crafted from advanced materials and state of the art onboard technology for your entertainment. You will also have a lavatory to yourself and a fully furnished bedroom and be treated to the best catering menu delivered exactly to your preferences. If you’re also looking to spice things up and turn up the fun with more style, you can add a trip on a yacht to your list. No dream is too big to realize, as HighProfile can deliver expert yacht charter, sales and management to enable you to live that dream in a luxury yacht!

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