Farzaneh AIGLON
Farzaneh AIGLON

A marketing & sales manager specialised in corporate communication for 10 years. Farzaneh has done Executive MBA and she focused on luxury marketing and communication as co-author of luxury communication in French. In 2014 she collaborated Luxury Cabin book for Airbus Coroporate Jets and she collaborated on marketing and communication aspects of the project. 

I received a beautiful Christmas present🎁! The JetBook 🛩 Aircraft guide 📔.

This third edition is the most comprehensive guide to business aircraft in 100 years, an easy-to-read and an exciting guide :
–       over 280 pages 📕
–       more than 50 of the world’s greatest private jets🛩
–       with breathtaking images of over 30 of the world’s most amazing helicopters🚁
–       including yacht 🛥section to help readers continue their luxury travels

JetBook  is a perfect gift 🎁 for colleagues, clients, business partners, because JetBook is a complete guide for every aviation professional, a must-have for anyone who loves aircraft.

JetBook discusses the purchase of aircraft & cabin design, explain how to choose a maintenance center, how to plan the perfect trip,…

There’s also a look at companies which provides aircraft operations and management services for VIP customers to ensure that craft are kept in peak condition.

If you have questions about:
🛩 the right form of aircraft ownership ( pre-owned jet or new purchase)
✈️ how to choose the most suitable aircraft ?
🛫 how to use a corporate jet most efficiently ?
💰 how to make money with your airplanes when you aren’t using them ?

You can find the best solutions & information in the Jetbook.

Farzenah video review

The JetBook video Review was originally published on Linkedin in December 2021 by Ms Farzaneh AIGLON, France.