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JetBook 2023/24


Discover the story and specifications behind today’s premium business aircraft and helicopters and let your imagination be inspired to take flight…

JetBook is the world’s most comprehensive guide to the world of business aircraft and helicopters in the world today. Packed with gorgeous, full-color photography of the aircraft flying with full details and specifications from the manufacturers, this second English edition of the book is the ultimate book for aviation industry lovers around the world. More than just a visual treat, the 288 pages of the award-winning publication reveal the details, facts, and statistics that tell the story of each aircraft, revealing their layout, flight range and performance, and even the latest prices. Combined with comparison charts and graphs, this book gives its readers all the information they need to know. The third edition includes a unique section which can assist and inspire anyone who might be considering the purchase of an aircraft. This series of articles brings you an essential guide in your decisions to find the right form of aircraft ownership, advising on decision if brand new plane or a pre-owned jet, select the most suitable aircraft, efficiently use your jet for your corporation, the possibilities from high-end luxury completion services in designing a custom wide body aircraft cabin and choose the right maintenance provider for your aircraft type and much more.

Accompanying a full profile of each of the 54 business jets and 31 helicopters are interviews with four industry leaders. Also included are in-depth profiles of the world’s leading aircraft and helicopter manufacturers today, including Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Boeing, Airbus, Cessna and HondaJet among others. No other guide on the marketplace can match the vision and depth of JetBook, the making of which took a full two years of dedicated research from the author and her team. JetBook is a one-of-a-kind book. Now, in this updated edition, readers can enjoy an inclusive snapshot of the business aircraft and helicopter industry as it stands today. Order JetBook, The Complete Guide to Aircraft and Helicopters today, set your sights to the sky, and soar! JetBook presents the complete portfolio of business jets and helicopters, plus a series of interviews with aviation leaders. Printed on premium matt paper the JetBook is 288 pages long and measures: 295x240mm, the book is a hard cover edition with registered ISBN 978-80-11-04188-5.

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The Ultimate Guide to Business Aircraft and Helicopters

Enjoy our new expanded JetBook 2023/24 edition with 50 more pages of Buyer's guide section, all new fleet comparisions, updated exclusive images of all current business jets and helicoptes and new yacht section.

JetBook 2023/24

“Without any doubt, JetBook is one of the most beautifully presented aviation books
I have ever seen.
And I mean that in the context of all Aviation books,
not just Business Aviation or private jets.
It is truly a gorgeous gift and I am very grateful.“

Patrick Raftery, Innovation Aviation, Ireland

I consider Jetbook the most valuable guide to what aircraft are available and it details why you might opt for a particular one. Not being listed may make you wonder why not.

Cdr. Bud Slabbaert, Aviation columnist and CARIBAVIA chairman, St Marteen

What a well done and fantastic book!

Jorge Colindres, Exc. Chairman and Founder of The Registry of Aruba and San Marino, USA

It’s amazing book and from my view it will be very helpful and inspiration for all who are interested in about planes.

Antonia Lukacinova good luck.

Verbovsky, podcast speaker, Slovakia

One of the world's most excellent aviation publications. Highly recommendable to get a copy.

Cdr. Bud Slabbaert, Aviation columnist and CARIBAVIA chairman, St Marteen


JetBook includes

JetBook Buyers Guide section

New Buyers Guide section

JetBook provides articles on deciding on the right form of aircraft ownership, choosing the most suitable aircraft and maintenance center, how to plan the perfect trip and how to use a corporate jet most efficiently is also a part of this expanded edition.

JetBook Aircraft, Helicopters & Yachts description

Aircraft, Helicopters & Yachts description

The description of business aircraft and helicopters with comprehensive overview of business aircraft and helicopters.

JetBook Descriptive layout

Descriptive layout

Flight performance, cabin layout, full data and statistics on flight performance, range and cabin capacity.

JetBook Exclusive images

Exclusive images

Exclusive images of aircraft and interiors – images and diagrams of the aircraft.

JetBook Manufacturers Profiles

Manufacturers profiles

Leading foreign aircraft manufacturers profiles – profiles of aircraft manufacturers and comprehensive portfolio of aircraft.

JetBook Interviews

Interviews and profiles of Key Aviation Leaders

Interviews and profiles of Key Aviation Leaders from Business Aviation Industry.

JetBook Forecasts

Trends, Statistics & Forecasts

Facts and numbers, statistics, dynamics of business aviation market development, trends and forecasts.

JetBook Fleet comparisions

Fleet comparisions

Fleet comparision of every aircraft of all OEMs featured in JetBook.


  • Alla Krasnykh

    Videoreview by Alla Krasnykh of Jetinterior

    Alla Krasnykh of Jetinterior made a review of new JetBook

  • JP4 magazine

    JetBook review by Massimo Dominelli, editor of JP4 magazine

    Nuova edizione 2021/2022 per questa guida all’acquisto di velivoli d’affari ed elicotteri. Scritto in lingua inglese da Antonia Lukacinova, da anni attiva nella Repubblica Ceca sia nell’editoria che nelle relazioni esterne con diversi riconoscimenti internazionali, il volume, di 280 pagine pubblicato in edizione limitata, illustra, anche con vari grafici e tabelle, la storia e i dettagli di 54 aerei ad ala fissa e 31 ad ala rotante con dati sulla configurazione della cabina passeggeri, l’autonomia, le principali caratteristiche operative e il prezzo sul mercato.

  • Katie Bancroft

    JetBook review by Katie BANCROFT

    Superyachts and private aviation assets. She also advises on ownership structures and VAT issues related to such transactions. Over the course of her career, Katie has handled the registration of over 1,000 assets at registries from all corners of the globe.

  • Farzaneh AIGLON

    JetBook review by Farzaneh AIGLON

    A marketing & sales manager specialised in corporate communication for 10 years. Farzaneh has done Executive MBA and she focused on luxury marketing and communication as co-author of luxury communication in French. In 2014 she collaborated Luxury Cabin book for Airbus Coroporate Jets and she collaborated on marketing and communication aspects of the project. 

Exclusively lavish, exclusively yours!

Total book pages
Exclusive images of airplanes, helicopters & yachts
Aircraft, Helicopter & Yacht Manufacturers
Pages of "All you need to know when purchasing aircraft"

Audience & Distribution

JetBook was crafted and meant for business jets users and potential aircraft owners to help them to decide when purchasing aircraft or using/chartering/flying jets and helicopters. In several years we build up unique international network for JetBook distribution aiming to reach as many as possible clients for business aviation such as aircraft owners, flying corporations using business jets for their business travels, VIPs, governments representatives, movie stars and singers, aircraft operators, FBO owners, VIP airport facilities etc. JetBook is available for individual purchase online and at selected online book sellers. However, the main distribution includes selected VIP clients and over 500 locations around the world such as:

Business aviation professionals
Business jets and helicopters owners
HNWI and VIP – charter clients
Aviation enthusiasts
Private banks, bankers and their concierge services
Multinational corporations
VIP travel agencies
Luxury 5*hotels
Business aviation airports and FBOs
Business aviation shows, conferences and trades
Yacht shows
Special private dinners for VIP guests
VIP parties, concerts, etc…

“I am using JetBook in my daily business. It is a luxury and comprehensive way to show my customers the wide range of Business Aircraft listed with the most important features in one physical medium.“

Aircraft Sales Europe


News, articles & interviews

Experience makes a distinct difference when registering an aircraft

After selecting your desired aircraft, where to register the aircraft is the next major decision. JetBook asked Mr. Jorge C. Colindres for his comments and suggestions, after all, he does have 27 years of experience in aircraft registration matters. Mr. Colindres founded the Aruba registry [...]

About The Publisher

Antonia Lukacinova

Antónia Lukačínová is a leader in the modern European aviation industry and the author of JetBook: The Ultimate Guide to Business Aircraft and Helicopters, the world’s leading source of information for people seeking the most up-to-date information on the latest business aircraft.

Antonia is also known as the founder and CEO of Media Tribune, a PR company focusing on the aviation industry which was awarded Best Aviation PR Agency in 2016 in London, and the founder of Aviation Times, a leading aviation industry news magazine.

Her continuing involvement as a key player in the aviation industry was solidified when she founded the Sapphire Pegasus Awards, an annual series of awards recognizing outstanding performances in the industry supported by several business aviation associations, namely the EBAA, BACA, WCA, AfBAA, RUBAA, and CEPA. Currently, she is a member of its advisory board.

In a career spanning twenty years of success, Lukačínová has received recognition as a trailblazer in promotions and commercial development. In 2009 she was nominated for the prestigious Manager of the Year Award in the Czech Republic in four categories, where she was named a TOP 3 manager in the Young Managerial Talent and Services Sector categories.

In 2011, she received recognition of achievement by Brazilian manufacturer Embraer for preparing and executing a communication strategy to support the sales efforts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to her success with JetBook and the Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards, Antonia was named among the TOP 10 leaders of European Business Aviation by Aviation Week magazine during EBACE 2016 in Geneva. Antonia and Media Tribune received the Award for Best Aviation PR Agency 2016 given by London’s Corporate Vision Magazine, Business Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Aviation PR Agency Europe 2020 and 2021 given by Acquisition International London.

Lukačínová is a graduate of the Faculty of Business at the University of Economics in Bratislava and also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

JetBook Team

The author of the book has co-operated with the following people:

Peter Ivan_JetBook_Gulfstream

Peter Ivan

Book Design & Web Design

Bud Slabbaert

Cdr. Bud Slabbaert

Interviews, co-editor

Radovan Subin

Radovan Šubín


Lamia Lam_JetBook_Social media

Lamia Lam

Social media jr.

Tetiana Navybach_JetBook

Tetiana Navybach

Sales Represenative

Mário Patlevič

Web Development

Peter Figeľ

Marketing Manager

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